Lord of the Dance

April 6 Lord of the Dance Orpheum Theatre, 409 S. 16th St. 7 p.m., $73-$97, omahaperformingarts.org, 402.661.8501   Maybe the drunken ramblings of the Pogues were too much for American audiences, but it seems like Lord of the Dance was the first time the Celts took root in the brains of stateside audiences. I mean, yeah, we had Lucky Charms and Darby O’Gill and those movies with Warwick Davis, but Michael Flattley’s feet did what those things couldn’t: get infomercials. This (seemingly) made Irish dancing cool. But it wasn’t just videos — no, there are worldwide tours of this show, which I recall the infomercials calling “riveting.” I guess “riverting” was probably too much of a pun, as this was Flatley’s follow-up to the also-popular Riverdance.

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