Lovely, Still

Sept. 24 Lovely, Still Marcus Midtown Cinema, 3201 Farnam St. Village Pointe Cinema, 304 N. 174th St. Times/prices vary, Midtown, 345.0102; Village Pointe, 898.7469 It’s back. Just when it looked sketchy for Lovely, Still getting a national release, the shot-in-Omaha pic — written and directed by hometown filmmaker Nik Fackler, starring Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn — opens here and in cities across America. If you didn’t see Lovely the first time around, during a one-week preview in 2009, then do so. This grown-up fairytale takes an original approach to a hard subject, granting two master actors a vast emotional playground to work in, and they deliver performances worthy of their Actor’s Studio and Oscar-pedigree. Fackler is on his way to joining the ranks of leading international cinema artists. This is the film and the place where it all began for him.

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