Man Man w/ Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers

May 22 Man Man w/ Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers The Slowdown, 729 N. 14th St. 9 p.m., $15,   Now that so much music is digitally produced, you gotta hand it to a band that knows the meaning of showmanship. Man Man, an experimental group out of Philadephia, storms the stage clad in all white, faces smeared with war paint, and proceeds to beat out a set list that jumps from honky-tonk piano blues to dirty-ass garage rock. On their new album “Life Fantastic” (made with local producer Mike Mogis), band leader Ryan “Honus Honus” Kattner sings in his trademark snarl of the search for optimism despite personal tragedies, while engulfed in a swirling cloud of exuberant Beefheart-inspired sound. (Read more on Man Man in Lazy-I on page )

Category: Art

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