‘Missed Connections’

Petshop group exhibit gives modern take on age-old romantic quest

Historic love stories may seem a bit outdated today, but Petshop Gallery’s February show offers a look at romantic history in the making with Missed Connections a group exhibit featuring Ella Weber, Caitlin Little, BZZY LPS, Kelsea Brunner, Nathan Gurnon, Granny Oopsy and curated by Christopher Vaughn Couse.

The two-month long exhibit examines the way we maneuver love and heartbreak and search for our soulmates (or brief hookups) amidst a digital millennium through several mediums including photography, video and performance along with a companion piece—the introduction of a @bffmissedconnect Twitter account.

The methods of wooing may have changed but the hope of love still remains. Come for the love, leave with the hope.

Missed Connections opens with a reception on Friday, February 2 from 7-10pm and runs through March 30 at Petshop Gallery, 2725 N 62nd Street. For more information, visit bensonfirstfriday.com.

Category: Art

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