Kevin Lawler, Artistic Director of Omaha’s Great Plains Theatre Conference (or, “Director of Lostness,” as he is so-called on the “National Institute for the Lost” organization that produces “highly crafted, original performance that fosters the exploration and celebration of life within the community”) recently finished a three-day, 70-mile trek around the city-limit of Omaha in September. The artist had been pondering the idea of the connection of city and community for some time as he began realizing how much time he spent on his computer and in his car, so he took it upon himself to step away and “get back in touch with [his] body traveling through space…to try to find a deeper connection to our landscape.” Inspired by Emerging Terrain and with help from area artists Tim Guthrie, Jaim Hackbart and Doug Hayko, Lawler completed the fete on time and even recorded detailed reflections on his adventure to continue on Video-artist Guthrie, toted as Lawler’s “documentarian” is editing a film of the experience to be released publicly soon. Keep up at

Pecha Kucha Night Omaha #16 goes down Oct. 11 at Slowdown featuring ten presenters in all walks of creative life: Thomas Sibbit (performance, visual art), Sara Hieb (architecture), Geoff DeOld and Emily Andersen (architecture), Gerard Pefung (visual art), Daniel Muller (photography), Joe Sparano (design), Caleb Coppock (visual/video art), Greg Daake (brand design), Bob Kanne (architecture) and Nathan Miller (design). Brought to you by Design Alliance Omaha, the event is meant to “keep our design community as a whole more connected.” The event is free to the public, 21+.

The long awaited New BLK + Caitlin Little show, THE SHIT SHOW opens Oct. 12, “a raw exhibition of three of the most distinctively emotional artists in Omaha:” Kim Darling, Chris Fischer and Brion Polonic. The interactive evening will include other artists as well including performance art, painting, and mixed media.

Check out for Mary Day’s review of Tom Bartek’s trio of area exhibits.

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