Shock of Hair

Artist Ferguson transforms tresses, curls and braids into 'hair-raising' sculpture

Renowned artist Catherine Ferguson, known for her explorations in diverse media and themes of myth, memory, and transformation, will feature new sculptures in an exhibition organized by the Moving Gallery. Catherine Ferguson: Hair opens at the Garden of the Zodiac on Thursday, March 26 from 7 – 9pm.

  Humorous, sensuous and disquieting associations are unearthed in each of Ferguson’s new sculptures. Combining long tresses, braids, strands or ratted clumps with found objects such as a chair or cabinet, these sculptural works discover a resonance for hair and wood as raw mediums.

Within each hair-sculpture, Ferguson unearths wide-ranging concepts including the loaded notion that both hair and wood are continuously growing materials, even when cut.

She also channels mythical associations and fascinations, such as Rapunzel, while drawing on contemporary obsessions with hair as a means of expressing age, power and identity.

Together these hair and wood sculptures create a surreal atmosphere complicating references through her recognized transformative understanding of material.

Catherine Ferguson: Hair is the artist’s first solo exhibition with The Moving Gallery and continues through May 11, 2015. Garden of the Zodiac is located at 1042 Howard Street in the Old Market Passageway.

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