Tim Guthrie – The Alternative Natural History Museum

Metro area artist, experimental filmmaker, and curator Tim Guthrie is passionate about process. Guthrie is known for delivering exhibitions which place social issues in a political framework, such as Extraordinary Rendition, 2010 and Nuclear Dichotomies, 2006. He is now working on a new project, The Alternative Natural History Museum. “I’m curating the concept,” said Guthrie. “It will include a lot of people’s work. As Rob Gilmer says, ‘You’re directing the idea.’” The participating artists will be responding to Guthrie-inspired concepts, one of which is to create an experience opening the viewer to multiple points of view. “Art can educate, liberate, and expand people’s horizons,” Guthrie said. “People can leave with a nugget when their perception is altered.” Guthrie is in conversation with area artists, and looking forward to collaborating on this multi-faceted exhibition. The first phase of The Alternative Natural History Museum will be shown at the RNG Gallery in May, 2013. Considered as a building block for the larger project, more people than the original group may be participating. http://jmac.creighton.edu/?page_id=216

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