Nebraska Belly Dance Spectacular

March 26 Nebraska Belly Dance Spectacular Holland Performing Arts Center, 13th and Douglas 8 p.m., $35 345-0606, If, like me, your only exposure to belly dancing is purely voyeuristic, courtesy of Hollywood movies using it as background action or wry counterpoint, consider yourself ripe for learning. There’s a community of Nebraska belly dancers eager to overturn stereotypes via an annual revue showcasing different genres of this Middle Eastern dance. Who knew? Perhaps because it’s subject to preconceived notions of nubile, voluptuous, dark-skinned women baring much skin and writhing in sensual fashion, this year’s show explores the theme, what is beauty? The fact the dancers come in all shapes, sizes, ages, complexions and belly dance styles hints that beauty is not only skin deep. There’s a pre-show with demonstrations, costumes and cuisine. Jill Anderson emcees the goings-on.

Category: Art

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