Northern Lights

Zodiac gallery features platinum/palladium prints of Berliner Jens Knigge

Berliner Knigge has been engaged with this darkroom process for thirty years, crafting delicate monochromatic prints that exploit the amazing range of grayscale tones achievable with this method. The objects of his lens work have included both urban architecture and the surprisingly poetic qualities of city detritus.

Recently, Knigge has also been trekking to the snowy northern reaches of Norway and Iceland, and his images of landscapes etched by ice and snow are among the highlights of this exhibition. Realized through the platinotype process, the stubby edges of vegetation and sharp edges of the occasional manmade structure read like hand-drawn lines etched into the watercolor paper.

Equally magical are Knigge’s images of the aurora borealis. This atmospheric phenomenon, which produces dancing displays of light in a sublime chromatic range, would in the hands of another photographer be fodder for brilliant color work. But Knigge prefers the abstraction created by the fleeting and suggestive play of shape and shadow when captured in monochrome.

The Garden of the Zodiac Gallery’s Jens Kniggeis on view beginning Thursday, November 29 from 7-9pm and runs through January 29, 2019. The gallery, located at 1042 Howard Street in the Old Market Passageway, is open Tues-Sat from noon-8pm and on Sun from noon-6pm.

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