November 17: Bemis Open Studios

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, 12th & Leavenworth

6-8p.m., FREE, 341.7130

Over 1,000 artists from around the globe like Wisconsin-based artist Melissa Cooke, whose intense powdered graphite drawings depict situations where inhibitions have been let go, apply to work in live in Bemis Center ever year. Bemis’ jury selects just thirty-two artists annually who fit the bid. The Open Studios presents a rare opportunity for public to see these highly esteemed contemporary artists—their work in progress, the place where they live and breathe art, and themselves.  Cooke along with current Bemis fellows Iede Reckmam (installation), Tarrah Krajnak and Danielle Julian-Norton (installation), Ying Zhu (sculpture and installation), Gwenessa Lam (painting), Alejandro Almaza (installation), Quynh Vantu (installation), Erik Benson (painting) and Sam Duket (painting) will only be here for a short while. Meet them before their energy is blowin in the wind.

Sally Deskins

Category: Art

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