‘Old Dog/Young Pups’

Artist Freeman heads an intergenerational exhibit at Hot Shops Art Center

Established Omaha artist James Freeman will combine with younger post-emerging artists Joe Addison, Travis Apel, Dan Crane, and Reagan D. Pufall in the aptly titled Old Dog/Young Pups, which opens this Friday at the Hot Shops Art Center.

Old Dog/Young Pups, an inter-generational bridging rather than just calling on the usual suspects from Freeman’s own age cohort, will include an opening reception Saturday, August 4, 6-9 p.m. and a closing reception Saturday, August 25, 6-9 p.m. in the Nicholas Gallery.

His own work includes paintings on canvas and paper, abstractions based on circles and ovals, mostly exploring layering, scumbling geometries. The “Pups” favor work ranging among various photo-techniques, painting and sculpture, as described in their artist statements.

Apel offers sculptures that “depict variety in my life through the years as a working artist-parent. In a span of thirteen years, I created these works by process of metal castings, fabrication and assemblage. My idea is to relate universal themes centered in both emotion and rational thought, such as pride, happiness, frustration, indecision, unity, and courage.”

Mixed media artist Crane says he makes playfully insistent work that ranges wildly depending on the time and place.

“I aim to infuse postmodernism,” he said, “the ‘do-it-yourself / Do The Right Thing’ indie-punk ethos of the mid 80’s, and self-deprecating comedy into my work while taking opportunities to merge talents with new processes, keeping the work fresh and constantly moving forward. I make Art with a lowercase “a” that aims to entertain, but also propel conversations on purity and creative authenticity. The work is often times absurd, but sincere.”

Addison challenges contemporary concepts of photography by emphasizing process over content. Instead, he creates unique, one-of-a-kind camera-less photographs with sourced objects such as glass, ice and acrylic sheeting to manipulate light in a traditional darkroom.

Contrary to above, Pufall creates equally inventive, object-oriented photo imagery that explores future landscapes and interactions with his major motif, the alien other.

He uses the praying mantis as this other creating a sense of history and culture of a species long since decayed gone to be found as remnants by future explorers.

Old Dog/Young Pupsopens Friday, Aug. 3, at Hot Shops Art Center. 1301 Nicholas Street, and continues until Aug. 25. The exhibit includes an opening reception Saturday, August 4, 6-9 p.m. and a closing reception Saturday, August 25, 6-9 p.m. in the Nicholas Gallery.

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