Omaha Golden Gloves Championships

March 5 Omaha Golden Gloves Championships Tip Top Ballroom, 1502 Cumming St., 334.5446 6 p.m., $15, “Would you like some punch to drink? Ha, ha, ha!” The Nintendo original “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” may be outdated by today’s high-tech video game standards, but the game’s quotes — such as the one above from Soda Popinski — you can pull from the flamboyant characters still ring my bell. The Omaha Golden Gloves Championships are bringing a few of the area’s best fighters to the Tip-Top Ballroom this Saturday to ring some bells, too. The matches will be determined the day of the event after the weigh-ins, which will be held between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. Jim Ratcliff and John Determan, promoters of the event, said to expect a super heavyweight match this year between a couple of up-and-comers. Be sure to keep an eye on some of the lighter fighters as some are expected to be crossovers from the Omaha Victory Fighting Club looking to pit their MMA skills against traditional boxers in the stand-up ring. Allow me to leave you with one last quote to get you fired up for an evening of boxing. “Punch-Out’s” Piston Honda: “I’ll give you a TKO from Tokyo!”

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