Exhibit in Generator Space examines impact of ‘drastic plastic’ on humans

“Flesh II” by Angie Seykora

‘I want to be plastic.’—Andy Warhol

OOOze, an exhibitioncurated by Angie Seykora opens at Generator Space on Vinton Street July 12th. The subject of the work is, at least roughly, plastic and how ingesting it affects the body.

Artists Barber, Adam Roberts and Seykora herself interpret this through their paintings, 2-D multi-media and sculpture respectively. The idea behind this work is how plastic becomes part of us through ingesting it and subsequently becoming affected by its presence.

“Esther” by Barber

For example, Seykora’s sculpture references tumors or abnormal cell growth using primarily industrial materials. Barbers paintings are multi-layered creations, where the layers reveal more of itself to the viewer.

Roberts has made pieces consisting of plastic laminate and with globs of paint trapped beneath. All of these in an effort to describe the language of things unintended.

“For Helen” by Adam Roberts

OOOzeopens July 12thand runs till August 23rd, 2019 at Generator Space Gallery  located at 1804 Vinton Street in Omaha, Nebraska. Gallery hours are Thursday and Friday 12pm-5pm.

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