‘Parallel Worlds’

Shea Wilkinson’s fabric art inspired by sci-fi, philosophy and fantasy

A common thread in the genre called science fiction is the “tear in the fabric of space” concept, providing a blank canvas for authors and artists to explore questions of existence, time, and reality, pretty much with no strings attached.

Whether it be mind-altering quantum events or questioning the philosophies of existence, this is the place where Omaha artist Shea Wilkinson finds much of her inspiration. A new exhibit of her fabric artwork, Parallel Worlds, opens at Gallery 72 on Vinton Street Sept. 14.

Though not her only muse, Shea Wilkinson’s fabric and embroidery constructions often go to science fiction, philosophy, and fantasy for her inspirations. Her work might combine elements from the known natural world with extraterrestrial worlds or might take a concept introduced by Einstein and twist it with a multi-dimensional story inspired by Asimov.

Wilkinson is as much a painter and sculptor as she is a seamstress. Using a mixture of embroidery and freestyle quilting, she assembles a relief of color, line and pattern. The embroidery thus illustrates scientific inquiry and mysteries of alternative dimensions.

Wilkinson’s contemplative work has won her several awards and residencies, including the Renwick Chrysalis Award, which recognizes excellence by an emerging artist in a specific craft field.

Parallel Worldsshows from September 12 through October 6th. The opening reception for the artist will be Friday, September 14th, from 5PM to 8PM. Wilkinson will give a Gallery Talk on September 19th at 7PM. More information can be found at Gallery72.com

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