Pick: As She Sees It

July 5

Modern Arts Midtown

3615 Dodge Street

Exhibit opening 6-8 p.m.


The 15 plus women artists featured in this July exhibit at MAM have nothing to prove. As She Sees It is not a feminist tract nor does it represent a singular voice or aesthetic on behalf of any socio-political issue. And it’s not meant as another exhibition of a so-called “woman’s touch.” This exhibit simply and eloquently points out that despite woman artists creating within every imaginable medium, genre and style, historically they continue to be undervalued and under-represented in the marketplace. Heidi Bartlett, Judith Burton, Nancy Childs, Jennifer Homan and Jacqueline Klover, among others, clearly demonstrate that significant contemporary art is not characterized by or monopolized by one’s gender.

                                                                                                                  Michael J. Krainak

Category: Art

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