Pick: Buck Bowen CD Release

January 25

Buck Bowen CD Release w/ Weird Owl, Brent Crampton

The Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St.

9 p.m., $7, onepercentproductions.com

The smartass slacker persona still lurks within Buck Bowen, but the Omaha expatriate has evolved eons beyond the goofy, opinionated hip-hop purist that made his name as a local emcee a decade ago. Now he’s become serious about the varied sounds he mixes and mashes together as a DJ and electronic music artist. When DJing, Bowen jumps all over the place, giving equal love to obscure, cool cult dance jams as he does mainstream 80s rock cuts. His latest album, The Neuterection, will be available on CD and as a download. Bowen recorded the disc in Long Beach, Calif. at the 12X10 Studio. Bowen says the disc is “a brief yet engaging work, crafted upon eclectic beats, with undulating lyrics that will inspire some and enrage others.”

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