Pick_Corey Broman & Nancy Lepo

June 28

Corey Broman & Nancy Lepo

Fred Simon Gallery

1004 Farnam Street

Art exhibit opening, 5-7 p.m.



As mediums of fine art, ink and glass mix about as well as oil and water. But when separated, as in the glass art sculpture of Corey Broman and the fine ink architectural renderings of Nancy Lepo, and appear side by side in the same exhibit, we have work that complements one another despite the obvious differences. Broman’s glass art is composed of graceful figures and objects that only suggest their representation or source and feature delicate and transparent surfaces. Lepo too, despite the near photographic hyperrealism of her structures and landscapes shares Broman’s fine and delicate attention to detail and sophistication. She achieves this effect through a technique known as pointillism creating wonderful nuances of gray tones in black and white. Together, their work will leave a strong, similar impression on the viewer as to how art can move one beyond the familiar or the ordinary within a different medium and aesthetic. Their show continues through July 7. 


                                                                  Michael J. Krainak

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