Pick: Elements and Principles: Works on Clay and Paper

Sept. 14

Elements and Principles: Works on Clay and Paper

RNG Gallery, 157 W. Broadway, Council Bluffs

7-10pm reception, exhibit thru Oct. 7, FREE


712.256.4140, dixiequicks.com

James Freeman is known for his exploration with various two-dimensional media to create dreamlike figures. For this show the currently Omaha-based artist is exhibiting surreal figurative drawings in graphite, charcoal, pastel and acrylic on paper he describes as a sort of “inner mind-scape; snapshots of loosely drawn or painted faces.” Ceramicist Susan McGilvery is showing a series of her stylized, carved and colored vessels based on the classical amphora shape. Words as part of her gestural design, like “May we,” “cute” and “blue fish” twist in and out of legibility in her carefully crafted clay works pushing her unique aesthetic and the meaning of each piece.

Category: Art

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