Pick: Exquisite Lifeforms

June 15

Exquisite Lifeforms: Exploring Creation from the Micro-to the Macro-cosm

Gallery 72, 2709 Leavenworth St.

Reception 6-9pm, exhibition thru June 24


New York-based Pyramidologist and fine artist of pyramids Lester Loving has been researching the practical applications of pyramid science, molecular biology, physics and holistic design for the last fifty years. The Exquisite Lifeforms featured artists will display sculptures created as an expression of his research to show the intersection of art and science, cosmology and cosmography physically.  Three other Omaha-based artists exhibit work also centering on the “mysterious and endless creative powers of nature and the cosmos.” Painted quilts by Shea Wilkinson tell stories related to extraterrestrial intelligent life and the possibility of their interaction with humans. Josh Audiss’ other-worldly paintings of creatures betwixt between real and unreal. Shelby Beck’s photographs express her personal exploration of the universe from the intimate setting of her own psyche to the vast expanse of the cosmos.

Category: Art

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