Pick: Father John Misty

July 6th

Father John Misty, Youth Lagoon


729 N. 14th St.

8 p.m., $12/adv, $14/dos

The story goes like this: unhappy drummer (Joshua Tillman) for one of the world’s most successful folk bands (the Fleet Foxes) leaves after their best-selling album (Helplessness Blues) and goes on a road trip with copious amounts of hallucinogens. From Seattle he eventually finds himself in Laurel Canyon – historical hotbed for California counterculturalists – and makes a solo record under the moniker Father John Misty. Here is the result: Fear Fun, hands-down the funniest, trippiest, and hippy-dippiest album of 2012. This is no slight against Youth Lagoon, the dreamy project of the equally dreamy Trevor Powers, but here’s to hoping that on July 6th opening act FJM gets as much stage time as he wants.

Category: Art

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