Pick: Harry and the Potters, Potter Puppet Pals

August 6th

Harry and the Potters, Potter Puppet Pals

The Slowdown

729 N. 14 Street

8 P.M., $10


Yes, they’re still a band. Since 2002, Harry and the Potters have been battling it out with The Weird Sisters for magical music supremacy, and by the looks of it they’re going strong. Early innovators of the humorous wizard rock genre, Paul and Joe DeGeorge of Norwood, Mass. have three albums under their belt celebrating our shared wannabe-wizarding heritage. Indeed, this summer marks the four-year anniversary of the end of the Harry Potter trilogy, and with no more movies to look forward to either, this band is all we have left. So what’s left to do other than go see them at the Slowdown? Accio tickets!

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