Pick: Homage: Remembering Chernobyl, The Photographs of Jim Krantz

Mar. 2

Homage: Remembering Chernobyl, The Photographs of Jim Krantz

KANEKO Bow Truss, 1111 Jones St.

6 p.m., FREE



Art shows often allow the viewer to see something beautiful or interesting or surprising. Being taken aback by a painting, photograph, or sculpture is a valuable and refreshing experience. The upcoming Jim Krantz photography show at KANEKO offers another layer of experience for the would-be viewer. In addition to being able to take in some stunning photographic documentation of Chernobyl, viewers will be able to listen in on a conversation between Jim Krantz and Henry Henderson, Director of the Midwest Program of Natural Resources Defense Council. They will discuss the humanistic impact of nuclear accidents like Chernobyl and the environmental ramifications in the current quest for energy alternatives. Even though Chernobl happened a quarter of a century ago, the lessons that we need to learn from it are still very relevant today. This exhibit is in dialog with the most urgent challenges of our time, making it significant for both art lovers and for those who might normally skip an art opening.

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