Pick: Jacuzzi Boys

June 12

Jacuzzi Boys

The Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St.

9 p.m., $8, onepercentproductions.com

Jacuzzi Boys play a seemingly laidback, but truly whipsmart brand of garagey power pop that’s equal parts slacker attitude and “Double Vision”, the lead single from their upcoming self-titled album, is highlighted by Gabriel Alcala’s easy-going vocals and a echo-effected guitar line that builds up a head of steam before the band meets the song’s lyrical promise and takes the song apart with plenty of guitar fuzz burst. Iggy Pop was an early fan, proclaiming that the band both had a stupid name and a good spirit. Their previous album, 2011’s Glazin’, was a lean treatise on simply recording good power pop without any pretension or overproduction. It’s a subtle trick but one made more remarkable by just how many bands miss the mark when they try to write these sort of songs. Jacuzzi Boys pull it off with an effortless shrug.

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