Pick: Jamie Burmeister and Company

August 2

Jamie Burmeister and Company

Modern Arts Midtown, 3615 Dodge St

Opening Reception: 6-8 p.m.

Modern Arts Midtown, http://www.modernartsmidtown.com/

      Modern Arts Midtown will close out the summer season with Jamie Burmeister and Company. Expect to see works that are figurative, introspective, psychological and a bit mysterious. The art will leave you with a lot to ponder. The show and its artists explore what it means to be human and the spectrum of emotions that inevitably come with that. The exhibit also features Byron Anway, Alexandra Borovski, Richard Chung, Tim Guthrie, Charles Novich and Gerard Pefung. Burmeister says he is fueled by seemingly simple daily things such as “a bug walking across a leaf.” These lead to experiments with sculpture, installation and classic art to portray a conscious world. Burmeister’s “Vermin” collection features tiny sculptures of people caught in peculiar situations. However, one shows a man about to fall off a cliff, but he hangs on for dear life. You don’t want to miss what Burmeister and the other wonderful artists have in mind for you to examine.

Paul Heft

Category: Art

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