Pick: Jonathan Richman

Saturday, March 2nd

Jonathan Richman

The Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St.

9 p.m., $15, onepercentproductions.com

It’s rare to be graced with a musical legend on a local stage, so it’s even more of a treat that Jonathan Richman now seems to make regular appearances on the Waiting Room’s stage. Richman founded the Modern Lovers in 1970, taking on the Velvet Underground’s template for stripped-down, literate rock music and infusing it with a sweeter outlook and a rock-solid pop sensibility. After the Modern Lovers scattered apart with members helping start both the Talking Heads and the Cars, Richman honed in on a solo career. Many of his records since have taken on an acoustic bent, with elements of spoken-word poetry mixing with his simple, direct pop songs. While considered to be an influence on punk rock, Richman’s sound is more apparent on the advent of indie pop.

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