Pick: Joseph Broghammer, New Works

Feb. 17

Joseph Broghammer, New Works

Anderson O’Brien Fine Art Old Market, 1108 Jackson St.

Reception 6-9p.m., Exhibition thru Mar. 11

Aobfineart.com, 402.884.9011

Omaha-based artist Joseph Broghammer is known for his “bird paintings.” Beautiful and charming, rich with color and bold strokes, they’re more than that. With abstract imagery and symbolism, Broghammer’s use of visual metaphor and complexity of narrative draw viewers into what he calls “dry paintings” of pastel, pencil and charcoal. With his intricate mixed media weavings, birds become platforms for  fanciful tales. “Each of The Birds in this series represents an important moment in my life that I want to remember—whether it was good or bad. They are life lessons that I’m sharing with you. They are my cairns,” Broghammer wrote in his artist statement.

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