Pick: Lit Undressed

Oct. 24

Lit Undressed

House of Loom, 1012 S. 10th St.

8 p.m. (doors open a t 7 p.m.) $10 cash at the door, 21+

omahalitfest.com/; facebook.com/houseofloom;


Under this mask,another mask.I will never befinished removingall these faces.

                                                                                                    ~Claude Cahun

WOMEN IN DISGUISE is the theme for the fourth and final Lit Undressed. The live nude reading event, sponsored by House of Loom and Esoteric Velvet, is being held in conjunction with the 2012 (downtown) Omaha Lit Fest, a weekend of literary panels, readings and other events.

Whether disguising oneself for personal, artistic or publication reasons, the event will feature selections by contemporary writers D. Hayko, S. Foster, J. Butler Holm, C. Dixon, M.K. Stillwell, M.Narwocki, C. Holmes, K. Lubbert, T.Wade, G. Bauer, L.M.Wiseman, M.Breazile, B. Dahlhauser and K.Pluhacek; with other poems and excerpts by Claude Cahun, Timothy Schaffert, Stacey Waite, Caitlin Moran, Eloise Klein Healy and more; all read by a cast of lovely male and female nude model-readers.

New this year: a one-night-only art show on the same theme featuring visual work on WOMEN IN DISGUISE by S. Rathman-Stuhr, T.Wade, E.Jordan, W.Reubens, E.Bennett, B.Turner, S.Ashcraft, T.Miller, B.Hanson, M.Joffe-Bouska, B.Eggers,L.Dittrick, and the Dirty Haiku Project.

“Analogue III” sculpture photo by Marcia Joffe-Bouska. There will be an event photographer, G. Thompson Higgins, and live artist TG Ndoda for the evening; no other photography permitted.

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