Pick: Lucero

July 2

Lucero w/ Brad Hoshaw & The Seven Deadlies

The Waiting Room Lounge, 6212 Maple St.

9 p.m., $17, onepercentproductions.com

Lucero wears its Memphis home like a badge of honor on its latest album, 2012’s Women & Work. The record is the long-running alternative Americana band’s eighth studio release and it finds their hometown’s sounds becoming a permanent fixture. The soulful horn section that first appeared on 2009’s 1372 Overton Park now fits in lockstep with the band’s messy, boozy country-rock romp. Singer Ben Nichols still sounds like a thousand pack of Lucky’s cigarettes and a whole distillery’s worth of whiskey, while he’s penned more tales of wild nights and hazardous women. The band still ably steps from rockers to swaying ballads, seasoned by tons of miles on tour. Check out more on the band on thereader.com.

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