Pick: Michael Cosgrove

Oct. 25

Michael Cosgrove

The Bookworm 87th & Pacific St., 

6:00 pm, FREE.


“The Imperfect Passage: A Sailing Story of Vision, Terror, and Redemption” is Michael Cosgrove’s novel about his mental and physical journey as he leaves his wife and family behind to set sail across the Pacific Ocean in search of a gratifying adventure at sea while attempting to thwart both Father Time and Mother Nature. In the midst of his voyage, however, he longs for the time when his first marriage was intact, his four daughters were still young children, and his future still seemed bright and expansive. Though Cosgrove illustrates scenes of sheer terror, absurd folly, and deep inner searching, he keeps his sense of humor throughout his harrowing journey. On October 24th, the author will be appearing at The Bookworm to sign copies of his book. The event starts at 6:00pm and will have free admittance.


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