Pick: “Monster”/ Will Anderson, Dan Crane, Leslie Diuguid

Nov. 9

“Monster”/ Will Anderson, Dan Crane, Leslie Diuguid

RNG Gallery, 157 W. Broadway, Council Bluffs

Reception 7-10 pm; exhibit thru Dec. 9

Dixiequicks.com, 712.256.4140

Welcome to a world where pubescent, tipsy leviathans ride heavy, wooden, rectangular surfboards on waves of not your Grandma’s fabric; where bags of bones burn rubber and put ice in their wine.  Imagine green screen creatures. Do they consider themselves to be cocktail lab rats existing in a realm of potential, infinite possibilities? Do you enjoy fine cheeses rested upon your beach towel, collecting sand, during the most gnarly of sea storms, or are you more the type to explore neon jungles where the chances of finding a subtle Padawan braid, in the thick of a lion’s mane, are slim to none? Nah, it’s all just a big shipwreck (like the 4th of July in Noviembre, hombre).

Category: Art

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