Pick: Parallel Circuits

Jan. 11

Parallel Circuits

Robert Hillestad Textiles Gallery

2nd Floor, Home Economics Building, 35th Street north of East Campus Loop, Lincoln

6 p.m., FREE


“Parallel Circuits” is an art exhibition that evolved from the UNL graduate seminar course Design Perspectives and Issues. The exhibition places an emphasis on the evolution of the “Do It Yourself” movement and advancements in techology. Students were given room to explore the DIY culture and examine historical and contemporary texts, including how-to instructional magazines, online video tutorials as well as personal experimentation. Additionally, students learned how to create soft circuits, dissect electronic devices and investigate new techology like muscle wire and conducive thread. The exhibition that has emerged from this experimentation will feature work by students, faculty and invited artists. The work emphasizes the importance of the senses: sight, hearing and touch. A strange exhibition to be sure, it is only on display until Jan. 18, however there is an artist reception on Jan. 11 from 6 pm. til 8 p.m.

Category: Art

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