Pick: Prouty Place Spring Art Show

Prouty Place Spring Art Show

March 24-25

Gallery at Prouty Place, 4825 S. 25th St.

FREE, Sat.: 6-9p.m., Sun: 1-4p.m.


John Prouty hosts his Annual Spring Art Show with new work by ten local artists, including Prouty who is known for his minimalist, nature-inspired steel and glass sculpture. Other artists included in the show: abstract painter and steel-artist Susan Anderson, painter Linda Wilkiw, photographer/print-maker James Kueffner, fiber artist Carol Prouty, Aaron Batt, and John Wilcox. Vibrant art quilts by John Wilcos will be shown for the gallery’s first time as well as drawings by Frank Bramlett. Clark Pflanz’s unique art made from recycled wine bottles will be on view alongside art made in Indonesia from teak wood.

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