Pick: Stephen Bartolomei

April 11th

Stephen Bartolomei and Comrades w/ Mike Saklar Trio and the Kevin Pike & John Kotchian Duo

The Slowdown, 729 North 14th St.

9 p.m., $8 at the door, theslowdown.com

Stephen Bartolomei is stepping out from the Mal Madrigal name that he’s used on all of his previously-released albums of cinematic, experimental indie folk. The ex-Omaha resident has lived in New York City, but still often finds himself back in town for a show. His label, Bocca Lupo Records, still keeps a local tie too, releasing limited edition curios by Orenda Fink and the Pike-Kotchian Duo, who are scheduled to open this show. On two demos on the Bocca Lupo site, Bartolomei presents two solo songs revelling in simple, honest presentation of “The Great Awakening”, while “Faces Made of Clay” adds some warm production and instrumental flourishes. Bartolomei has always been an understated treasure and these songs are more proof of that.

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