July 29th

STNNNG, Noah’s Ark Was A Spaceship, Baby Tears, Birthday Suits

The Waiting Room Lounge

6212 Maple Street

9 pm, $7

Bet you didn’t know that there was a punk song about Grand, Island, NE. If you did, then you are already familiar with the oddity that is STNNNG (pronounced “Stunning”), the five-piece outfit known for enthralling live performances. Featuring twin-guitars and iconoclastic lyrics, STNNNG (because two Ns weren’t enough) has steadily built a respectable fanbase in their hometown Minneapolis and it is easy to see why. Frontman Chris Besinger sings with an everyman-tone that is hard to come by in the difficult-to-access, easy-to-criticize punk rock scene. Indeed, STNNNG has 99 problems – they sing about a lot of them – but being un-relatable ain’t one.

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