Pick The Celtic Tenors December 8

With an eclectic mix of classical, folk, pop and Irish ingredients, The Celtic Tenors are as authentic as the grass is green. The Ireland natives took a very nontraditional path to stardom, beginning with an impromptu audition at London’s EMI in 2000. Since then there have been international tours, TV appearances, performances for world leaders and album sales of over one million. Members James Nelson, Daryl Simpson and Matthew Gilsenan released their fifth studio album in 2009 on which they cover a selection of popular songwriters including Bob Dylan and Stephen Foster. Their penchant for blending rich harmonies and emotive deliveries make their live shows eerily enchanting. Musical Director Colm Rogan helps mold the trio into flawless executions of their diverse show. Currently on yet another extensive tour, The Celtic Tenors could be exactly what you’re lacking during this holiday season (Kyle Eustice).

The Celtic Tenors Christmas Show, at Brazen Head Pub, 319 N. 78th St., 6 p.m. Admission is free. Visit www.brazenheadpub.com for more information.

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