Pick: The Decatures w/ Two Shakes & Ground Tyrants

Sept. 27

The Decatures w/ Two Shakes

&  Ground Tyrants

Shamrock’s Pub & Grill, 5338 N 103rd St.

9 p.m., $5


Say what you want about today’s youth, the boys in The Decatures have all of their bases covered, loaded and ready to knock you out of their park and drive it home. The diaper dandies from Lincoln take their cues from yesteryear’s rock’n’roll forefathers, bridging the generational gap between Led Zepellin/Jimi Hendrix and The Black Keys/Wolfmother. Their sound may be a tip of the cap to  the guys who were there first, but the end product is a battering ram of titillating rock music that pushes the boundaries of what should be socially exceptable of a group that is still in its formative years. But honestly, who gives two rats when you get served a master meal that leaves your grandmother weaping in the corner while grandpa suddenly remembers what it’s like to feel young again and reaches for that 20-year-old bottle of Jack. I’d join that party any day.

–James Derrick Schott

Category: Art

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