Pick: The Last Supper

Through Feb. 9

The Last Supper

University of Nebraska-Omaha Art Gallery, 6001 Dodge Street

exhibition is free and open to the public


The Last Supper exhibit is on view in the gallery at UNO’s Criss Library. Artist Julie Green has 476 ceramic plates on view. Each plate depicts the last meal request of a former prisoner on death row. The plates are painted with cobalt blue mineral paint and then fired at 1400 degrees. “While painting, I consider the heinous crimes committed, the victims, the individuals executed, the large number of minorities on death row, and the margin for error in judicial process,” said Green. She is opposed to the death penalty and hopes the pieces might generate discussion that could result in positive changes. Green said she plans to paint 50 more plates each year until capital punishment is abolished. The Last Supper project began when the artist was living in Oklahoma and began reading the final meal requests of local inmates, which were published in the newspaper.

-Cheril Lewis

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