Pick: The Love Language

September 1

The Love Language w/ Pony Wars and No, I’m the Pilot

O’Leaver’s Pub, 1322 South Saddle Creek Road

9 p.m., $5, facebook.com/oleavers

North Carolina native Stuart McLamb first started working on material that would lead to his current band the Love Language shortly after a bitter break-up. Since the release of those heartbreak songs in 2009, McLamb as soldiered on with increasingly tuneful batches of guitar pop. The latest is 2013’s Ruby Red, which came out on indie stalwart Merge Records. The album came together with the help of many hands at the Ruby Red, an arts collective in McLamb’s hometown of Raleigh. The result is a crystallization of all the best traits of the Love Language’s straightforward, but well-honed indie pop. The sound is big and brash, but with a layered lushness that nestles easily in the nooks and crannies of these propulsive power-pop songs. McLamb’s voice is an awkwardly endearing highlight, evoking Arcade Fire’s Win Butler but with a rawer, more strained style that adds emotional depth with each line McLamb sings.


Category: Art

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