Pick: The Men

April 27

The Men w/ Baby Tears and Gordon

The Slowdown, 729 North 14th St.

9 p.m., $10 in advance/$13 day-of-show, theslowdown.com

Brooklyn’s the Men burst forth onto a guitar-focused punk/indie scene of bands like F**ked Up and Titus Andronicus with their own heady rush of dense guitar rock. 2011’s Leave Home drew on post-hardcore aggression in its acidic, elongated guitar jams. The follow-up Open Your Heart already saw the Men pull back on the sludge wall of guitar, revealing nascent pop songs lurking beneath the grimy squall. The pulling back seems complete on this year’s New Moon, playing like their gone-country album. They tracked the pastoral record in upstate New York and the loose-limbed affair feels like a relaxed, boozy affair focused on a batch of great songs. It’s actually refreshing to see what’s evolved from the band’s early wreckage of guitars, howling vocals and tin-can practice room production values of their earliest material.

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