Pick: The Spits

March 11

The Spits w/ Coaxed and The Dad

The Slowdown, 729 North 14th St.

9 p.m., $12, theslowdown.com

There’s an alternate reality where most of humanity was destroyed in a white-hot nuclear flash during the Reagan 80s. While some people survived, though they were mutated and devolved into a seemingly new species. A few of these new humans then found remnants of recording equipment and set about recording their rough, post-apocalyptic approximations of what they recalled of the Ramones. These mutated punks then proceed to take their cheap keyboards, broken guitars and rat-a-tat drumming across the wastelands, reintroducing their garage-slop punk pop to new ears and recreating essential punk rock in their own strange, futureshocked image. The band bashed through their basic songs of cops and parties, while filling in these tales with a new wave of fallout fear. The mushroom clouds may not have blotted out our modern world, but that band still exists. They are the Spits.


Category: Art

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