Pick: Transceiver: Drift Station- Underground Art Talk

January 21

TRANSCEIVER: Drift Station – Underground Art Talk

Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, 724 S. 12th St.

12p.m., FREE

bemiscenter.org, 341.7130

TRANSCEIVER marks the first installment in a series in the Bemis Underground highlighting regional artist-run spaces and curatorial projects. Drift Station founding artists Angeles Cossio and Jeff Thompson have pushed to provide the Lincoln community with inventive and challenging new exhibitions, performances and music within a former auto-body shop since 2010. In TRANSCEIVER, artists from across the globe sent work via chat, Skype, email, FTP, audio, radio, Twitter, telegram and Bluetooth, suggesting a non-geographically-centered model. Cossio and Thompson will give light to the potential for curators to operate within modest budgets to mount expansive international shows that challenge traditional structures of what an exhibition and gallery can be. An accompanying exhibit is on view at Drift Station through Feb. 24.

Sally Deskins

Category: Art

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