Pick: White Lung

April 2

White Lung w/ Digital Leather, Video Ranger and Sister Kisser

The Slowdown, 729 North 14th St.

9 p.m., $8, theslowdown.com

Canadian DIY punk rock act White Lung pummels with a brash intensity, while underpinning  their fierce anthems with insistently melodic guitar lines that nods towards 80s underground icons, the Wipers. The band is led by signer Mish Way, who traded figure skating for guitar as a 16-year-old and hasn’t looked back. The band has worked its way out of a burgeoning Vancouver punk scene with constant touring and on the strength of their two albums, 2010’s It’s the Evil and 2012’s Sorry. The raw, hurtling sound connects to Los Angeles’ first wave of hardcore, while the abstract feminist anthems collect a more oblique perspective on riot grrl culture. The end result is that White Lung have pushed their own consciousness and art onto several styles that the love, but hardly emulate.


Category: Art

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