Pick: White Mystery

March 2

White Mystery w/ Snake Island and Solid Goldberg

Brother’s Lounge, 3812 Farnam St.

9 p.m., $5 at the door

Chicago’s White Mystery are on the cusp of releasing their third full-length album, Telepathic. The band recorded the album with Gris Gris mastermind Greg Ashley at his Creamery Studio and it lends new layers to White Mystery’s no-frills garage rock. The album, like just about everything White Mystery does, is self-released. The band takes its DIY seriously, screenprinting their own merch and managing and booking the band themselves. Guitarist Alex White still leads the way with her riffs, which are equal parts 70s rock, dirty blues and rough, lean garage rock. Her brother, Francis White, pummeling his drum kit with similar fervor. This time out though, Telepathic, shows the band trying out new moves, even calling to mind early Sleater-Kinney at times.

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