Pick: Yuppies

October 22nd

Yuppies w/ Hominoid, Gus & Call

The Slowdown, 729 North 14th St.

$5, 9 p.m., theslowdown.com

Yuppies celebrate the vinyl-only release of a split the band did with London duo, Bitches. The six songs that comprise Yuppies side of the split represents the band’s biggest release yet. The split was issued on Palmist Records, a UK-based imprint of FatCat Records. The release is now also available for download via iTunes and several other digital services. Yuppies have toured much more this year and their sound has already morphed from the lo-fi pop slop that first turned heads and got the band pegged as Omaha’s answer to Times New Viking. Now Yuppies add extra venom and angularity to give a jagged post-punk edge to the keyboard-laced garage pop leanings. There’s a Fall-esque move here, a snarling classic punk vocal there and tons of youthful abandon across the whole side recorded by Yuppies. But the best part is how much the songs show how the band has learned how to pair shambling sound with something that sounds like precision, patient and growing songwriting skill. The record, which is limited to a 500-copy run, initially came out in June.

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