Pick: The Big Black Project: Yu Jihan/Paolo Dolzan

The Moving Gallery, Presented by Old Omaha Association

Opening Reception: Thursday, August 8 from 7 to 9 p.m.

Garden of the Zodiac, 1042 Howard Street in the Old Market Passageway

Pick: The Moving Gallery will temporarily, of course, display works in the Zodiac Garden, which is the secret heart of the Old Market. The exhibit features ink drawings by modern Chinese calligrapher Master Yu with prints and paintings by Dolzan. The show was curated by Fulvio de Pellegrin. The Zodiac Garden is the only “venue” for American eyes to see these artists’ work displayed. Both artists rely on ancient mediums such as black ink, brush, white rice paper and canvas. Their work shares attention to continuity of line and pressure. Master Yu’s work creates a cadence between lines of writing once adhered to and their implication on human form. Dolzan uses monotypes, woodcuts and drypoints to express change and evolution. Dolzan’s visit to China fostered a relationship between himself and Yu in which both of their works became compared and contrasted. The exhibit opens August 8 and runs until October 3.

Paul Heft

Category: Art

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