Pinot, Pigs & Poetry

June 10 Pinot, Pigs & Poetry Happy Hollow Country Club, 1701 S. 105th St. 7 p.m., Patron Ticket – $200.00, Regular Tickets are $125, Under 30 tickets are $75,, 402.397.5809 When it comes to pork products, I go with Ron Swanson. Bring me all the pork you have. I want a bacon stuffed sausage with ham shavings put in a bun of two pork chops. I get the funny feeling this particular concoction won’t be present at Pinot, Pigs & Poetry, though other (delicious) variations of our porcine friends will be. Oh, and that pinot? That’s fancy talk for wine. So booze and pork products. And poetry, I guess. But let’s hope they are poems exclusively about charcuterie preparations and serrano ham recipes. The whole event goes to benefit Camp Fire USA, so not only do you have booze and bacon, but you’re helping out at-risk youth by eating at-risk pigs.

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