Please Touch the Art

'Sensory’ exhibit at UNO encourages unique viewer interaction

All those warning signs about not touching the artwork have no place in the next exhibit at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Art Gallery. Sensory: Please Touch the Art is the result of a collaboration of educators, specialists, the UNO Network for Disability Awareness, and 19 artists including curator Jamie Burmeister and advising artist Ann Cunningham. The exhibit opens during Art Accessibility Month, a movement to increase accessibility for enjoying art. While most artwork is experienced through sight, the pieces in Sensory can be experienced by using other senses. Audiences will interact with a variety of tactile materials like fiber and wood, exaggerated curves and shapes and auditory material manipulation. Also featured are works created by blind teens and adults as part of sensory art-making workshops. Supporting materials include displays using braille, large print, high-contrast text and audio along with a lecture series.

Sensory: Please Touch the Art will be on display at the UNO Art Gallery in Weber Fine Arts Building at 6001 Dodge Street October 6 through November 10. Visit for more details.

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