‘Power Colors’

Exhibit examines how palette impacts history, society, culture and identity

Tapestry by Amy Jarding

What associations does color have to history, identity, and authority, let alone to art?

Curators Amanda Smith and Angela Zonunpari say their new exhibit, Power Colors, addresses this question by examining the embodiment of individual histories, personality, perception and cultural forces.

After a soft opening in May, Power Colors re-opens at Amplify Art’s Generator Space in South Omaha on June 14 from 6-8 p.m., featuring works from artists Marsha Mack, Nicole Maloof, Amy Jarding and Amanda Smith.

These artists, from four different U.S. cities, use color, created objects, installation, mixed media, paintings, and fiber-based work to reconstruct experiences of place, personhood, and politics. According to the curators, the works push to look beyond surface value and survey how and why they find power within color.

Power Colors re-opens on June 14 and continues through June 21, 2019 at the Generator Space at 1804 Vinton Street.  Gallery hours are Thursday-Friday from 12pm-5pm.  For additional information contact Amplify Arts at (402) 996-1092 or visit https://www.amplifyarts.org/.


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