Prinz and the Paper

Artist's layered collages reinforce his past profession as an architect

New paper constructions by Thomas Prinz are featured in the latest show to open at the Garden of the Zodiac. His art is best described as sophisticated collage, as he creates compositions from layers of painted and printed papers.

Whether working with a bright palette or in monochrome, Prinz’s collages evince a strong sense of structure, texture and motion. Decidedly part of his personal aesthetic, they also hint at his former profession as an architect.

Sorting through the visual evidence of his constructions often feels like peeling back the layers of time —of paint and wallpaper built up on the wall of an old building. An often strong horizontal orientation adds to the sense of an urban-scape.

An avid student of art history, Prinz enjoys everything from the early Renaissance painting to the light and place-inspired abstractions of Richard Diebenkorn. This new work, which includes large and small-scale collages and prints, is accompanied by an interactive studio space for visitors to understand Prinz’s working process and create their own compositions using some of his raw materials.

The Moving Gallery’s Thomas Prinz exhibition opened at the Garden of the Zodiac on Thursday, October 27 and runs through January 15. The gallery, located at 1042 Howard Street in the Old Market Passageway, is open Tues-Sat from noon-8pm and on Sun from noon-6pm.

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