Searching. Looking. Finding. Waiting.

Petshop exhibit ‘Layers’ how one interacts with others and the environment

Shaun Ilahi “Searching. Looking. Finding. Waiting / The memory of you still gets me high/ With love, America the beautiful”

Layers, a two-person exhibit opening at Petshop, Friday, October 2, explores the complexity of how “we navigate and interpret interactions with others and our surroundings” according to the show statement.

The exhibit features the work of Shaun Ilahi and Trudy Swanson who deconstruct some of these layers in order to reveal something more tangible and visual.

Ilahi examines the multiple layers of Midwestern culture by overlaying a photo from Nebraska and one from Asia. The juxtaposition of images provides a multi-faceted commentary on the American landscape and how people are intertwined with one another.

Trudy Swanson “not everything is shared” clay, glass

Swanson uses several layers of textures to create various body sculptures that convey hidden emotions and experiences beyond first impressions. By uncovering these layers, the sculptures evoke a sensory and emotional  experience for the viewer, expanding immediate perceptions.

Layers opens at Petshop Gallery October 2, from 7-10 p.m. during Benson First Friday. For more details and gallery hours, go to › petshop


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